Team Fortress 2’s Halloween Update Brings Back All Previous Spooky Events

Videogameraptor/ Deviantart

Though the UFO Invasion event has already begun, Valve have now officially kicked off  Team Fortress 2‘s Scream Fortress event.

All players will have received a Soul Gargoyle item which will track your progress and accomplishments throughout the Halloween games, and as promised, all previous events have been made available for this year’s spooktacular. The Gargoyle can also be used to transmute items into any of the special Halloween items seen in the past six years of Halloween events. Not too shabby.

It wouldn’t be Team Fortress 2 without a whole loads of ridiculous items either, and the Scream Fortress doesn’t disappoint on that front. You can unlock Gargoyle chests for a small fee to receive items like a hockey mask and an ant head for the Pyro and pirate trousers for the Scout. You’ll be able to mock your enemy with a special broom taunt and even grieve for a fallen comrades as the Soldier. Deep.

Also included in the event are four new community-made maps. While all free to play, the creators will receive a percentage of the money made from opening Gargoyle chests, which is quite nice.

Team Fortress 2 is free to play on Steam, you can check out the updates in full here.