Teen Jailed After Paying £8 For PS4 Claiming It Was Fruit

Guy pays nine euro for PS4 after weighing it on scalesSony/Getty

A very cunning teenager weighed a PlayStation 4 on a fruit scale and payed just €9 for the console.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before his plot caught up with him.

19-year-old Adel from Monbéliard, France was in a hypermarket, a store which combines a supermarket and a department store, when he picked up the PS4 from its shelf and took it over to the fruit and vegetable section of the shop.

He weighed the device on the scales which customers usually use to price up their nutritious foods, and printed off a new label which listed the cost of the weighed item at €9, Europe1 report.

Play Station 4Pixabay

Adel then payed the new, low price of €9 for his PlayStation at the self checkout, knocking around €330 Euros off the usual price. Having looked as though he paid for the console, the sneaky man was then able to walk out of the store without being questioned.

However, Adel tried to push his luck and returned to the hypermarket the next day to repeat his actions. This time the law caught up with him, and the 19-year-old was arrested.

According to Europe1, he told police he had sold the first console for €100. Earlier this month Adel appeared in court, where he was sentenced to four months in prison.

I’m sure Adel regretted returning for the second time. While I of course don’t condone his scam, he was really very close to getting away with it.

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