Telltale Are Making A Guardians Of The Galaxy Game



Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is all set to receive the Telltale Games treatment, according to a new report. 

A Telltale Marvel game was confirmed back in 2015, but Eurogamer recently heard that this game would focus on Marvel’s intergalactic band of lovable space rascals.

The leak originated from a document submitted by SAG-AFTRA, the voice actors’ union, detailing a list of projects affected by the voice actor’s strike.

It’s apparently likely that Telltale will unveil the new game at The Game Awards in December, an event where several other Telltale efforts have had their first trailers shown off (most recently Batman).

Plus, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 out next year (the same time as the Marvel game), it’d make sense to give the people a solid chunk of Guardians entertainment in one go.

It’s unclear whether the game will follow the world of the Marvel movies, dive in to the lesser known Guardians comic books, or put its own spin on things, as Telltale did with Batman.

Of course, the most popular move would likely be for Telltale to embrace the movie continuity and enlist the voices of the movie’s stars -such as Chris Pratt – but that could be pretty costly.

One thing’s for sure: I cannot wait to see what Groot’s dialogue options are.