Telltale Games Reveal Controversial New Trailer For Minecraft: Story Mode


With Minecon 2015 now in full swing, the good folk at Telltale Games have uncovered the first real glimpses into Minecraft: Story Mode and it’s splitting fans of the game right down the middle with many questioning why it’s happened.

Having officially won the trust of gamers everywhere with such releases as The Walking Dead series, The Wolf Among Us, and the Game of Thrones series (let’s just agree to forget about Jurassic Park: The Game), Telltale will be confident that they can pull off another captivating episodic saga with Minecraft: Story Mode but it could be a pretty hard sell.

The adventure will not centre around the games silent protagonist Steve, and will not attempt to build a back story for him or explain the world, with the developers only hinting that “It will be a cool game.” Instead, players will take control of a character named Jesse and his group of friends in a branching story, much like the Telltale games of current times.

More news is set to be announced as Minecon 2015 progresses but for now, Minecraft: Story Mode is looking extremely interesting.