Telltale’s: The Walking Dead To Be Finished By Skybound Entertainment

by : Ewan Moore on : 08 Oct 2018 11:32

It’s been a truly awful time for the staff at Telltale Games. The studio known for episodic adventures like The Walking Dead recently found itself the vicim of sudden and unexpected mass layoffs. 


This is, obviously, a truly horrendous situation for the 200 plus staff – many of whom have families to look after and rent to pay. Thankfully, the gaming industry has really come together to do what they can for the folk over at Telltale.

Meanwhile, plenty of gamers have wondered exactly what will happen to The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which was only two episodes in before the Telltale layoffs.


To a casual observer, it would seem like with the staff no longer at the studio, finishing off this final adventure would be highly unlikely, but it looks as if Telltale has managed to strike a deal with a new studio to finish the game.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman himself stepped out at New York Comic Con to reveal that his own multiplatform entertainment company – Skybound – would be finishing the project.

He said that we just couldn’t lose Andrew Lincoln (who departs The Walking Dead TV show this season) and Clementine in one year.

It also seems as if Skybound will be bringing on a number of the ex-Telltale employees to assist on getting The Walking Dead’s final season finished up.

While there are no plans for Skybound to take on anymore Telltale properties (such as The Wolf Among Us), it’s great that we can get some closure on Clem’s story after all. It’s sure to be an emotional finish.

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