Terrifying Horror Game The Park Gets PS4/Xbox One Release Date


The Park is a brilliantly creepy first person horror game set in an amusement park that came to PC back in October, and now it’s coming for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners. 

The first person horror adventure is set to come to consoles on May 3 in an attempt to brown as many trousers as possible. This marks developer Funcom’s first console release since 2006’s Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. 

You’ll take control of Lorraine, a mother who’s managed to lose her son in an amusement park. But rather than dodge social services and hobos sleeping on the waltzers, Lorraine has to contend with the supernatural.

According to their website, Funcom aren’t expecting to make much money from The Park. Their main objective with this console release is to gain some experience in launching games for PS4 and Xbox One so that their release for the Conan Exiles goes as smoothly as possible.

No price has been announced for the console version of The Park, but it goes for £9.99 on Steam at the moment.