Terrifying Spider-Man Glitch Causes NPCs To Turn Into Denim Jean Monsters

by : Ewan Moore on : 29 Aug 2019 11:46
Terrifying Spider-Man Glitch Causes NPCs To Turn Into Denim Jean Monsters Terrifying Spider-Man Glitch Causes NPCs To Turn Into Denim Jean Monsters Insomniac Games/trilbyfrank/Reddit

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a spectacular game. Amazing, even. Unfortunately, even the greatest games aren’t entirely free of bugs, and the ol’ webhead’s latest adventure is no exception. 

Personally, I’ve only ever seen a handful of minor issues when playing the game. There was one time, for example, that a train hit me and somehow pushed me inside a building, forcing me to fast travel my way out. Weird, but in no way game breaking or particularly disturbing.

Insomniac Games

While I can deduce from my experience that the force of the train somehow clipped me inside the building, I have no idea what went wrong to cause the glitch discovered by Reddit user NBBK, in which the NPCs of New York City suddenly found themselves transformed into creatures made entirely of denim jeans.

These denim monsters are genuinely incredibly creepy. Add a few blood stains and you’ve basically got yourself a new Silent Hill monster. It doesn’t help that when in jean form, the NPCs don’t move like actual humans either. Instead, they simply glide around like some kind of… Levi’s sponsored demons.

Bizarrely, the case of the jean goblins doesn’t seem to be an isolated one. More recently, Reddit user trilbyfrank shared their own experience of the glitch. It doesn’t look like trilbyfrank has simply reposted NBBK’s discovery either, so either Insomniac hasn’t been made aware of the bug yet, or the studio has simply decided to leave it in to terrify people once every few months.

Insomniac Games/trilbyfrank/Reddit

I think we all wanted to see Venom in the game, so perhaps Insomniac got confused and put in denim instead? Hopefully the inevitable Spider-Man sequel will address the mystery of the jeans monsters. It probably won’t, though.

Speaking of Spider-Man and interesting fabrics, why not check out our ranking of the game’s 42 unlockable costumes? Not a single one is made entirely of denim, thank God.

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