Tesco Leaks Potential Nintendo NX Price, Sparks Reveal Rumours


Rumours of an impending reveal for Nintendo’s mysterious NX console have been sparked – by Tesco, of all places. 

The UK retailer posted a landing page on its site for the NX, revealing a placeholder launch date of 31/12/16, and listed the cost of the system at a pricey £350.


The page has since removed the price, and it’s worth noting that this could also have been a placeholder amount.

Hopefully this is the case, as one could argue that Nintendo works best these days as the cheaper (but no less great) secondary console, rather than as a direct competitor to Sony and Microsoft.

Then again, none of us are quite sure what the hell the NX is yet, though by all accounts, it’s been described as some kind of revolutionary hybrid between home and mobile gaming, with Ubisoft as the most recent publisher to speak highly of what they’d seen.


As such, it could be premature to count Nintendo out as one of the main contenders in the console market just yet, but with a supposed March 2017 launch, they need to hurry up and unveil the damn thing.

Tesco’s premature listing does tally with recent rumours that we’ll be seeing the console unveiled very soon – most likely in October.

So far, the only games we know for certain to be coming to the new machine are Zelda: Breath of the WildSonic 2017, and Just Dance. The Pokemon Company also recently confirmed they would be making a game for NX.