The Division Beta Has A Few Issues, But Ubisoft Are On It

by : Ewan Moore on : 27 Jan 2016 11:27

Before The Division beta goes ahead in the next few days (28th for Xbox users and 29th for PC and PS4)Ubisoft have been hard at work outlining any and all known issues with the game, so players know what to expect, and how to get around it. 


Obviously, it’s not surprising that an online game of this scale would experience a few teething problems before being rolled out properly. That is essentially the whole point of a beta, after all.

We can assume that Ubisoft are working to get it sorted, after all, they’ve already fixed around 10,000 bugs including broken textures, certain areas not loading properly, and floating characters and weapons. The latter getting fixed is kind of a shame, floaty glitches can often lead to amusing moments. We experienced a few of these glitches in our recent hands-on with the game, which left a great impression on the whole.

Even so, there are still a number of issues before launch, differing depending on whether you’re playing on PS4, PC, or Xbox. Problems with voice chat and enemy re-spawns are among them.


For a full list of bugs, as well as suggestions for how to get around them and get the most out of your time with the Beta, you can head to the Ubisoft forumsThe Division is out March 8, so here’s hoping for a clean and happy launch day.

Ewan Moore

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