The Division Datamined To Reveal All Kinds Of New Info


The Division officially launches tomorrow (March 8) but one plucky Redditor has managed to mine the game’s files to reveal a bunch of juicy new details for the third-person shooter.

Redditor itsgamerdoc apparently stayed up for 21 hours straight in a valiant effort to mine the game’s data files for anything of interest. One particularly shiny nugget of news is that The Division will offer at least 26 missions to be getting on with at launch.

Itsgamerdoc reckons they’ve found pretty much all of the main missions, and you can check ’em out (as well as everything else that was discovered) here.

Our interpid dataminer also managed to find references to Brooklyn – an area that was seen in early versions of The Division but won’t be seen in the main game at launch. Fans have speculated this area is now being saved for a post-launch update, but Ubisoft haven’t said anything on the matter.

We’ve also got indication of a fourth faction of bad guys, a Russian group named “Bratva”, that may hint at the antagonists for a future add on (there are only three factions in The Division’s main campaign).

Finally, itsgamerdoc managed to find a few vehicles (including a helicopter fitted with machine guns) and 139 total weapons, not including mods. Again, you can find more details on the leak here.