The Division DLC Delayed By Ubisoft For A Pretty Good Reason


You guys remember The Division, right? It was that Ubisoft game that arrived in a storm of marketing and hype, which then promptly fizzled out after about a month. 

Anyway, it seems that Ubisoft has decided to slam the brakes on The Division’s DLC schedule, so that it can work on fixing the core game.


A post on the game’s official website today announced that the developers have decided to separate the next big update from Survival, which is the second paid DLC for the online shoot ‘n loot adventure.

Ubisoft says it’s currently focused on a bunch of The Division’s most stubborn glitches and technical failings.

Here’s the target list for update 1.4 ‘and beyond’:

  • Fixing bugs, including those listed in our Known Issues as well as many other ones
  • Making loot drops more relevant to the player
  • Enemy difficulty and time to kill
  • Gear Sets and weapons rebalancing
  • Solo player experience
  • Dark Zone and PvP balancing
  • Quality of life additions based on community suggestions (such a weapon skins no longer taking inventory space)

The Division released back in March this year, and despite an initial wave of immense popularity, it seemed the online shooter eventually ran out of steam – no doubt in part due to the number of glitches and technical problems that plagued (pun intended) the game since launch.

Ubisoft plans to release Update 1.4 in October, while the Survival DLC will now arrive at some point before the end of the year.

The third and final season pass expansion is called Last Stand, and is planned for early 2017, but you have to wonder if this might be a case if too little, too late.