The Division Has A Great Easter Egg That Looks To Future Games


I’m pretty sure if you don’t put at least one Easter egg in your game these days, the police come and shut down your studio (then tazer you in the genitals for good measure). Luckily, Ubisoft have packed in plenty for The Division, and this particular secret is wonderfully meta-textual.

See, certain gamers have managed to stumble across what is clearly meant to be an in-game version of the Ubisoft offices, and it serves as a virtual treasure trove of references and nods to some of Ubisoft’s other new IPs.

We’ve got the artwork for Grow Home splashed across a few of the walls, and you can even spot the main character from that game dangling from the ceiling at one point. There’s even a few references to For Honor, Ubisoft’s as yet unreleased hack and slasher.

Check out the video below for details on how to find this wondrous land of Easter treats.

Of course, Ubisoft don’t actually have an office based in New York city. But to be fair, there isn’t actually a deadly virus sweeping the streets of Manhattan either, so I can allow Ubisoft this particular artistic indulgence.