The Division PC Beta Easy To Hack, Gets Extended 24 Hours


The Division is currently enjoying a beta phase on all platforms, but  savvy gamers have already found numerous ways to cheat the PC version of the game (and surely, on a deeper level, themselves).

According to posts on Reddit,  players’ statistics are stored on the client side. The more cunning players out there can then alter these stats to their advantage. The game server will accept these altered values without checking, leading to all kinds of fun exploits, including unlimited health, super speed, and an endless supply of ammo.

Do remember that the game is still in beta, so it’s very likely that Ubisoft will manage to find a way around these exploits, and send an envelope full of cat poo to the house of every known cheater.

Cheater or not though, if you’ve been enjoying The Division beta, there’s some great news. Ubisoft are officially extending it to 11am tomorrow morning (February 2). This is to allow everyone who has access to fully enjoy the beta. Very thoughtful of them.

That means you’ve got one more glorious night of running and gunning ahead of you, my friends. God speed.