The Division Servers Experience Launch Night Problems


Hey, we all have issues with performance sometimes. Maybe wait half an hour and try again, eh Ubisoft? Tom Clancy’s The Division finally launched last night, and apparently the servers were having some serious issues, preventing some fans from actually getting to play the game.

Kotaku reported that they’d been trying to play the game on PC for around an hour, but were hit with a bunch of “Sierra” or “Romeo” errors, all accompanied by a Uplay message that said the service was down.

Of course, it wasn’t just a lone Kotaku author – Users across the internet were reporting problems, as you can see from some choice Tweets taken from the PlayStation Twitter Q&A with a few of The Division team.

After a while, things started to run smoothly enough, and a lot of fans managed to finally get in and play (although some were still unable to).

Eventually we got an update on the Ubisoft forums:

All services have resumed normal operation on all platforms. We are monitoring the situation.

At the time of writing, a quick trawl through Twitter seems to confirm that everything is now going swimmingly for the most part. Still, it wasn’t the ideal start for what Ubisoft are hoping will become one of the biggest new IP launches ever.