The Final Fantasy VII Remake Is ‘Progressing Well’, Apparently

Square Enix

Barely a day goes by that I don’t catch myself looking out of the window and wistfully wondering what’s become of the long-gestating Final Fantasy VII remake. 

The game was announced way back in 2015 with third-party studio CyberConnect2 handling development. Since then, we’ve seen virtually nothing, and development was moved in-house to Square Enix last year, prompting many to believe that work on the game was not going so well.

It didn’t help that earlier in 2018, a job listing appeared on a Japanese website calling for “core members’ to come and work on the Final Fantasy VII remake. That’s not something anyone wants to see when a game should be deep into development.

Square Enix

Fortunately, developer Tetsuya Nomura is on hand to allay any fears that Final Fantasy VII development isn’t going so hot. In a recent interview with Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, he confirmed that the remake is “progressing well”.

Nomura specifically mentioned a report that Final Fantasy VII Remake development hadn’t progressed and wouldn’t really kick back into gear until after after Kingdom Hearts III releases.

He said:

That was not official info. As I said at E3, development is progressing favorably.

He also went on to say that Square Enix’s PR is  focused on KHIII right now, but it looks like after that’s all wrapped they’ll turn their attention to the Final Fantasy VII remake, as we’ve all desperately been craving.

The bottom line was that the game is coming along, and that we just need to patient and wait a little longer basically. Hopefully it’ll still release for this generation of consoles, then.