The First (And Greatest) Pokemon Movie Is Now Streaming Online Free


Pokémon: The First Movie is now available to stream online for free (legally). You know the one. The one with that scene. The one where Ash gets turned to stone and shit gets so real, and you never knew what emotions were before you saw Pikachu cry over his best friend’s lifeless body. 


You can check it out over on Pokémon TV, which is a new streaming service available online, and as an app for iOS and Android devices. The site is home to a number of more recent (lesser) Pokémon films, as well as episodes from the anime.

Released in 1999, Pokémon: The First Movie is all about the origins of Mewtwo, and his evil plan to fuck the world up with an army of awesome clone Pokémon

Of course, there’s an important message underneath all the giant eyes and crazy Japanese action. You can learn about friendship and equality and acceptance all over again.

Anyway, the real take away from today is you can stream the best Pokémon film on your phone for free, maybe on the train home. Perhaps you can even have a nostalgic nervous breakdown in public. It’s up to you.

This wonderful gift is of course part of the Pokémon 20th anniversary celebrations. Other shenanigans for this milestone include the 3DS re-release of the original Red and Blue, and a great Super Bowl TV ad.