The First Reactions To Detective Pikachu Are In

The First Reactions To Detective Pikachu Are InLegendary Entertainment

With each new trailer for Detective Pikachu, I become more and more convinced that this could just be the video game movie that we can actually say is genuinely good without it being a lie.

That hasn’t stopped me from dreading the day I go to see it, of course. It could still be utter rubbish, for all I know.

Thankfully, certain lucky members of the press were treated to an early screening of the live-action Pokemon in Tokyo, and initial spoiler free reactions are beginning to trickle onto social media. I’m happy to report that they’re all entirely positive.

To be clear, these early verdicts aren’t official reviews by any means. They’re more the first responses of people who just walked out of a screening, so it is worth noting that these reactions tend to be a little more positive than in-depth critiques.

With that said, it sounds like there’s a lot to love about Detective Pikachu. IGN‘s Terri Schwartz, for example, said that it “nailed” the world of Pokemon. Meanwhile,’s Megan Peters branded the flick a “must-see.”

Den of Geek’s David Crow has claimed it’s the best video game movie ever made, which isn’t really the highest of praise when you consider the competition… but it’s still nice to hear.

If you’re worried about taking non-Pokemon loving friends or family to see Detective PikachuJoBlo’s Paul Shirley said that the film was perfect for fans and non-fans alike, while also praising the world building and anticipating “one hell of a franchise.”

Take a look at a smattering of reactions below.

Detective Pikachu is coming to UK cinemas on May 10, and after looking through these reactions I’m more convinced than ever that I’m going to have a shockingly good time with this film.

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