The First Stage Of Spyro The Dragon In Unreal Engine 4 Looks Incredible


Spyro, we miss you mate. Your first few games on the PlayStation were full of boundless joy, creativity, and old school platforming, gem collecting  funWhen we peer back through our rose tinted glasses, we don’t even mind that little prick that used to run off with the eggs. Most days, anyway.

If you too want to relive the golden days of Spyro The Dragon, before idiotic reboots attempted to make him “dark” and “edgy” there’s no better place to do it than right here, with some gorgeous images of the original game’s first level, remade in Unreal Engine 4 (what else?).

It’s currently a work in progress (by one IamMurloc) so we don’t have any video just yet. For now, content yourselves with the images. For the love of God, look at that grass. 

We don’t ask for much, but could we please just get a PlayStation 4 reboot of Spyro? Don’t over-complicate it either. Just give us some simple, back to basics, PSone era fun, and it’ll sell like hot cakes. We’ll be waiting.