The Last Of Us Part 2 Update Reportedly Coming Before E3

Naughty Dog

It sounds like Sony will be holding another State of Play presentation to show off their upcoming PlayStation releases – including The Last of Us Part 2 – before E3 2019 kicks off in mid June. 

In a recent post on ResetEra discussing the hugely anticipated Naughty Dog sequel’s potential release date, a user known as Aokiji chimed in to claim that we’re getting an official update on the game before E3.

Naughty Dog

They said:

Considering we’re getting an official TLOU2 update before E3, [it] would be really weird if it wasn’t 2019 now wouldn’t it[?].

Aokiji accurately leaked the existence of Sony’s original State of Play internet show before it was formally announced earlier in the year, so it seems as if they do have some pretty credible knowledge the rest of us don’t. As always with rumours though, do take this with a pinch of salt.

The nature of Aokiji’s previous leak also suggests that this The Last of Us Part 2 update will probably be part of a big, pre-E3 State of Play PlayStation update. As I’m sure you know, Sony has gone the way of Nintendo and has sacked off a traditional E3 show this year, so holding their own presentation sometime close to the LA expo makes sense. It can’t let Microsoft take all the attention, after all.

Hideo Kojima also recently teased a new trailer for Death Stranding, so it stands to reason that this would also be part of whatever surprises Sony has planned in place of E3. I’d imagine that means we’ll also be getting an update on Ghosts of Tsushima, and hopefully a few other titles we’ve yet to learn about.

Naughty Dog

As Aokjii noted on ResetEra, if we’re getting an update on The Last of Us Part 2 before E3, it strongly implies that we might finally be getting a release date for the game – and that this release date is very much sometime in 2019.

With Days Gone having just released and both Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima probably still a ways off, it makes a lot of sense that Sony would want to end 2019 with one more massive exclusive.

Naughty Dog

There’s also the fact that a 2019 release date for Ellie and Joel’s next adventure was all but confirmed by a recent update on the PlayStation Store, which put The Last of Us Part 2 in a “Coming Soon” section alongside other games we already know are releasing this year.

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