The Last Of Us Part 2’s Final Scene Has Been Shot

The Last Of Us Part 2's Final Scene Has Been ShotNaughty Dog

The Last of us Part 2 edges ever closer to release, as the game’s creative director and co-writer Neil Druckmann has taken to Twitter to confirm that the game’s final scene has been shot. 

The tweet itself really doesn’t give away very much at all, unfortunately. Not that you’d want the end of the game spoiling for you, to be fair. All Druckmann treats us to is a page from what I assume is the game’s script, with the words “THE END” and “CUT TO BLACK.”

So, I guess we at least know that the game ends with a cut to black. That’s something, right?

What’s more interesting is what this news means for The Last of us Part 2’s release date. Was this scene the last thing Naughty Dog needed to do before the game is ready to launch? Is the gameplay all done and dusted, and now the team is able to focus on getting the cutscenes just right?

It’s not uncommon for productions of any kind to shoot scenes out of order, so just because the final scene has been filmed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that filming is completely finished. We also have no idea where the gameplay itself is at, so Druckmann’s tease – while exciting – doesn’t really tell us anything at all about when we can expect to see the game.

With that said, Druckmann’s tweet does have an air of finality to it, so there is a chance that things are much further along than we expected. This would certainly tally with previous reports that the game is expected to launch in October 2019.

The Last Of Us Part 2's Final Scene Has Been ShotNaughty Dog

It certainly seems unlikely that Days Gone is going to be the only AAA exclusive that Sony releases for the PS4 this year, and The Last of us Part II could absolutely dominate the holiday period and end what will probably be the PS4’s final full year in style.

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