The Mad Max Game Now Has An Interactive Trailer Showing All Its Glorious Destruction


There’s only one thing a Mad Max game could ever be – and that’s brutal. Brilliantly, Avalanche Studios’ explosive interactive trailer really brings the thunder.

Much like the trailer for their other big title Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios are going about their PR campaigns the right way, by giving them the choose-your-own-adventure feel. The seven-minute trailer lets you skip to various set pieces within the action sequence, in an attempt to demonstrate the game’s myriad possible outcomes.

The first branching-path gives you a choice of three options, ‘Go heavy’, ‘Go loud’ or ‘Go mad’. Obviously you pick ‘Go mad’, and go mad you do – unleashing vehicular carnage on a convoy of hapless rent-a-marauders with Max’s signature car, the Magnum Opus.

Dropping on September 1, Mad Max will be a standalone story in the Mad Max universe, and will not be tied to Fury Road. The last-gen versions Avalanche had originally planned for the game, Mad Max will only be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.