The Most Epic Moves In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


I think we can all agree that one of the biggest strengths of any fighting game is the attacks at the disposal of the playable roster – those ultra powerful moves that bring you leaps and bounds closer to victory, while reminding your opponent that they’re screwed.

Not only does DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT deliver these impressive, bone crushing moves in spades, it also manages to do so while showing off – and paying tribute to – the rich history of the Final Fantasy franchise.

With that in mind, let’s gaze on in awe together as we take a look at some of the most epic attacks Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has to offer.


Lightning (AKA Claire Farron) of Final Fantasy XIII fame returns in Dissidia, using her agility and handy skills with a sword to kick some serious butt.

Her crushing blow attack sees her lunge towards foes with twin blades, slicing them up a treat. A perfect move for finishing up a combo in style.


Vaan, the orphan street thief and hero of Final Fantasy XII, is a Specialist fighter in Dissidia, with a fighting style centred around HP attacks.

Handy with a blade, and a dab hand at the old magic, Vaan’s Black Hole attack works in tandem with a devastating sword combo to create trouble for opponents.


Golbez (or Theodor to his friends) is a fearsome antagonist in Final Fantasy VI, and no less imposing in Dissidia.

A powerful magic user with fast attacks that work great at a distance, Golbez utilises a cool Nightglow attack, a high vertical wave that packs a punch – and looks cool doing it.


You all know Sephiroth, one of the biggest bads to ever grace a video game – this guy made his name in Final Fantasy VII, and hobbies include stabbing Cloud. Seriously, he loves doing that.

Sephiroth utilises a variety of heavy attacks with a surprising amount of speed, making him a force to be reckoned with. His Hell’s Gate attack literally brings death from above, and can always be followed up with some devastating sword strikes.


If old school Final Fantasy is more your bag, you can’t go far wrong with Firion – the hero of Final Fantasy II.

In Dissidia, Firion is a heavy character who works best on the ground, with plenty of AOE attacks at his disposal – his skill with a bow and arrow makes him tricky to pin down.

His Ice Wand is a pretty cool move (sorry not sorry), whipping up enemies into a frosty frenzy, leaving them open for further punishment.


Few characters better typify the weird and wonderful diversity of the world of Final Fantasy than XI’s diminutive Shantotto, a loveable Tarutaru with a penchant for speaking in rhyme.

Don’t be fooled by her size though, she can more than hold her own in Dissidia as a powerful mage – watch out for her Colossal Shantotto move which – you guessed it – sees her grow in size and smash her puny foes.


The hero of Final Fantasy VII, with big dreams and bigger hair, you can find him kicking ass and taking names in Dissidia with his trusty Buster Sword (you know, that massive, super cool sword)

Be on guard for Cloud’s devastating (and very stylish) Cross Slash attack, a succession of heavy blows that get signed off with a kiss – and by kiss, I mean a sword to the face.


No, not the washing tablets that everyone seems to be eating right now, but the hero Blitzball player of Final Fantasy X fame.

Tidus is a nimble chap, with a knack for dashing attacks that’ll keep enemies on their toes. His Leap and Rise attack is graceful but deadly, and allows for a variety of follow up strikes.

Naturally, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has to offer. With a multitude of characters to choose from, each with their own unique moves, strategies, and strengths, it really is a fighting game you can’t afford to miss out on.

Look for it on PlayStation 4, available now – pick it up right here.