The New Attack On Titan Game Has An Exciting Teaser Trailer


Attack on Titan is one of the most successful anime series’ of recent times, and understandably so, it’s awesome. Now, Dynasty Warriors developer Koei Tecmo have been working on a game and are keen to show off what they’ve been up to.

There’s very little to go on at the minute, but a short cinematic has been shown off at Gamescom this week and it’s got people very excited for more.

The trailer doesn’t give away much, but it does show your character fighting alongside swarms of other humans as you attempt to take down one of the Titans. This could mean either a Dynasty Warriors hack-and-slash or a massive online multiplayer, where you must work in teams to defeat your enemy. Either sounds pretty cool.

Koei Tecmo President Hisashi Koinuma wrote on Facebook:

Having evolved from a manga/anime series to an internationally recognized brand, we were enchanted by the opportunity to create our own take on humanity’s last stand against these overwhelmingly powerful beings, the Titans. Our studios are already pouring all of their passion and excitement into it and we hope to reveal more information soon!

Alongside an upcoming live action movie and long awaited second series, the game is set to be a Playstation exclusive releasing on PS3, PS4 and the Vita, and is planned to hit shelves some time next year.