The New Borderlands Trailer Has A Hidden Morse Code Message


You’ve probably heard and/or seen by now that a new Borderlands teaser trailer has been released? Is it Borderlands 3? Gearbox isn’t saying, but it definitely looks like the next entry in the franchise, whatever it ends up being called. 

The slick new teaser was pretty brief, but eagle eyed fans were able to spot a ton of details. We even had a go ourselves, and you can check that out just below and subsequently yell at us for all the things we missed.

One thing we didn’t spot (or at least didn’t spot until after we posted the video, oops) was that there’s actually a hidden morse code message in the trailer, tucked away within the first few seconds of footage which spells out “count the sirens.” Very enigmatic.

What does it all mean? Those who aren’t familiar with Borderlands lore probably won’t think too much of this, but those that are well versed in the franchise will know that Sirens are hugely powerful ladies with alien abilities.

We’ve actually met a couple in previous games. Lilith showed up in the first Borderlands and could phasewalk while Maya appeared in the sequel and could phaselock foes. We’ve also previously seen Angel and Commandant Steele, but they’re both dead now.

As Handsome Jack previously revealed, only six Sirens can exist in the world at any time. With only two living that we know of, that leaves four unaccounted for. Will these mystery Sirens play a large role in the story of the new Borderlands game? It seems likely.

Given the “Mayhem is Coming” tagline that accompanied the original teaser, a lot of fans are speculating this could even be the name of one of the new Sirens. A more in depth reveal is set to arrive today around 6pm, so we’ll likely learn more then.