The Next Pokemon Movie Is Called ‘Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution’


The next animated Pokemon movie looks set to be cashing in on our collective nostalgia once again, delivering an exciting sounding instalment called Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Old school fans of the franchise will of course know that Mewtwo Strikes Back is what the first Pokemon movie was known as in certain territories. I’m pretty sure in the UK it was just called Pokemon: The First Movie, though.


You all remember the original film though, I’m sure. It’s that kid’s flick about colourful fighting monsters that turns around twenty minutes before the end and punches you in the face with a message about equality and acceptance. Truly outstanding stuff.

In all seriousness, that first Pokemon movie is still really warmly remembered by gamers everywhere. Not only did it feature the ultra powerful Mewtwo in action for the first time, we were also treated to an all out battle royale between Pokemon and their clones, before Ash gets turned to stone and everyone cries him back to life.

No, I still don’t really get how that worked either but it still gets me every damn time. I know you know what I’m talking about.

The original Mewtwo Strikes Back was eventually followed by a sequel called Mewtwo Returns, but I think we can all agree that particular effort was a bit rubbish.


Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution was first teased in Pokemon: The Power Of Us, which itself was a streamlined feature length remake of the first series of the anime, implying this new film will be in the same vein.

The new movie is set for a July 12, 2019, release in Japan, so I imagine more details will emerge soon enough.