The Nintendo Wii Is 15 Years Old Today

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Nov 2021 10:57
The Nintendo Wii Is 15 Years Old TodayNintendo

Fifteen years ago today, Nintendo quite literally changed the game with the release of the iconic games console, the Wii. 

The year of 2006 was a big one in the world of pop culture; it was the year Facebook became open to any over age 13, Twitter.com launched, and Blu-Ray discs took home movie nights to a new level.


With all of that going on, it seems hard to imagine that people would have any time left to play video games, but Nintendo managed to win people over with its shiny new vertical games console and intriguing wireless remotes.

The console aimed to captivate even those who wouldn’t consider themselves gamers, with the simplified action of moving the remote proving much less complicated than having to remember which buttons did what, and games such as Wii Sports making familiar, family-friendly activities accessible from the front room.

The release of the console brought with it a wealth of new games, with only the most daring of players risking to use the Wii remotes without the special hand-straps.


More dedicated users decked-out their consoles with accessories such as steering wheels to help give them the edge when it came to playing Mario Kart, but almost everyone got involved with turning themselves into a Mii, spending far too much time creating the cartoonish version of themselves that would jiggle wildly when you picked it up by the head.


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Even 15 years on, the music that accompanied the Mii Channel continues to haunt former Wii users, as do the distressing claims that even the healthiest of Wii Fit users were branded ‘obese’ by the questionable BMI tracker, but still many look back fondly on the device that took over households following Christmas 2006.

Recalling their favourite memory of the Wii, one person wrote, ‘Every game with the word Wii in front of it. God those games are so good, even WiiMusic, I enjoyed that so much growing up, but nothing will come close to the beauty of Wii Sports Resort.’


Another Twitter user commented, ‘The Wii is 15 years old thanks Nintendo for the best console.’

The release of the Wii was followed up with cheaper versions, namely the Wii Family Edition in 2011 and Wii Mini in 2012, but the original console met its end in 2013 when Nintendo officially discontinued its creation.

There are likely to be a number of dusty Wiis still sitting sadly in the back of cupboards across the globe as the console ultimately got pushed to the side in the wake of newer, fancier releases, but on this day, let’s all take a moment to honour the console that provided so much entertainment.


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