The PC Classic Has Just Been Announced


The PC Classic has just been announced, and like its Sony and Nintendo brethren, it aims to come loaded with a ton of old school hits guaranteed to remind you of a simpler time. 

To be clear, this latest attempt to cash in on our nostalgia seems to be real and definitely not a joke, but also 100 percent unofficial – unlike the PlayStation, NES, and SNES Classics.

The tiny model is aiming to come loaded with classic PC games like Commander KeenJill of the JungleDoom, and even Quake II. Check out the official (charmingly low budget) trailer below.

The PC Classic is being crowdfunded by a company called Unit-e, which apparently consists of five people doing their best to get the thing made. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that if you’ve watched the trailer.

On the front are this miniature device you’ll find two USB slots, into which you can slide in a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad. A third USB slot on the back allows you attach three peripherals at once.

Also on the back is a set of video jacks to display on old-school CRT monitors, or an HDMI port for that high-res experience, and it even supports Bluetooth connectivity.


If you’re worried about the legality of the device, Unit-e claims that it’s working to obtain licensed games from a number of different companies, so while the demo might have teased the likes of DOOM, that was only for the purposes of the video. They don’t actually have the rights to sell those games with the device yet.

Still, the company do say they have connections with a number of well known developers, and they seem confident that they can negotiate some licensing deals and obtain 30+ games for the PC Classic.

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Unit-e are hoping for a Spring/Summer 2019 release, but it sounds like they still have a lot of work to do before everything is finalised and ready for release. I wish them the best of luck with this one, because if done right, it sounds like a genuinely neat bit of kit for fans of old school gaming.