The Steam Halloween Sale Is Live, Here’s What’s On Offer

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2018 10:02
Steam Halloween SaleSteam Halloween SaleSteam

Another year another Steam Halloween sale. So what has the great Gaben in the sky blessed us with on this most spooky of months? Well pull up a chair and let’s have a looksie.


During the spook-tacular event, you’ll be able to pick up a whole host of titles on the cheap, which is great because gaming money is always tight towards the end of the month. Especially when that month gave us games like Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Yee-haw.

Topping the line up we’ve got a number of ghoulish titles for you to sink your teeth into including, but not limited to, the below.

All prices are in pound sterling, because why not?:

Vampyr – £30.14 (33% off)
Left 4 Dead 2 – £1.43 (80% 0ff)
Darkest Dungeon – £5.09 (70% off)
Dying Light – £9.99 (60% off)
Don’t Starve Together – $4.39 (60% off)
Rocket League – £8.99 (40% off)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider – £29.69 (34% off)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – £2.99 (80% off)
Hello Neighbour – £15.46 (35% off)
BioShock Remastered – £2.49 (75% off)
The Evil Within – £7.49 (50% off)
Limbo – £1.39 (80% off)
Alien: Isolation – £7.49 (75% off)
Outlast 2 – £5.74 (75% off)
Resident Evil 7 – £12.99 (35% off)



There’s a whole smorgasbord of other games available too, but for my money, those are the pick of the litter.

There’s also a hefty chunk of VR titles up for grabs and some free to play titles too, but I haven’t played many so can’t honestly recommend them here.

Also VR makes me sick as a dog. Boo.

It’s nice to see Valve still committed to the Steam sales people seemingly love so much, even if they arguably aren’t as spectacular as they used to be.

Steam SaleSteam SaleValve

The Steam Halloween Sale closes up on November 1, so there’s still ample opportunity to snare a bargain on some genuinely great titles.

Also, there’s no harm in gifting one of these to a mate and scaring the pants off them for an authentic holiday surprise.


Trick or treat indeed.

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