The Steam Lunar New Year Sale Is Coming, In Case You Still Had Any Money Left


Neither Valve nor Gabe Newell care about the fact that Christmas has probably left you with about 5op left to your name. Desperate for your last scraps of cash, yet another Steam sale will be arriving in early February. 

The Steam Lunar New Year sale is coming very soon, according to PC Gamer. We don’t have set dates or any details on what kind of bargains you’ll be looking at yet, but you can expect it land in just a few weeks.


Last year it kicked off on February 15 and ran to February 19, but speculation is that it’ll run a little earlier this year what with the Chinese New Year falling on February 5.

The recent festive Steam Winter Sale ran from December 20 to January 3, and I’ve honestly barely recovered from that. Between that, Christmas, and the decade long wait between paycheques that is January, I really don’t know that I’m strong enough to survive another sale.

Last year’s sale saw discounts on thousands of games in celebration of the Year of the Dog, with a few themed bargains on games like Okami, and Stardew Valley. This year is Year of the Pig… there aren’t any games that immediately spring to mind that star pigs, to be honest.


Maybe if I sell a kidney, I can pick up at least one or two new games. Be rude not to, really.

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