The Suffering Creator Interested In Returning For A Sequel



The Suffering was a massively under appreciated horror game that came out way back in 2004. Try your hardest to remember it. I’ll be waiting.

Anyone who did play probably remembers that both it and it’s sequel, The Ties That Bind, were hugely enjoyable romps that skillfully blended horror with action.

Sure, the world probably isn’t crying out for a sequel. But the fact remains that The Suffering had bags of potential and some  genuinely interesting ideas. 

Personally, I’m keen to see what a third outing could do – especially on a powerful console like the PS4 or Xbox One.

Rely On Horror recently had a chat with The Suffering series creator Richard Rouse III to talk about his next project, The Church in the Darkness. As you might imagine, The Suffering came up.

The good news is that Rouse would be up for making a third game in the series. The bad news is that he isn’t quite sure who actually owns the rights to the franchise right now.

He said:

I haven’t done a ton of research into this, but it’s my understanding Warner Bros acquired the rights when they bought a bunch of Midway assets…

But if the circumstances were right and I felt we were able to make a good game that lived up to the legacy of the series, I would definitely be up for doing another game in the franchise.

There we go then. The intent for a sequel is there – we just need to hope that Rouse works outs who holds the rights, and can then convince them to let him make a third entry in an increasingly obscure horror franchise.

I wouldn’t hold your breath guys.