The Witcher 3 Switch Rumours Fueled By Geralt Voice Actor

by : Ewan Moore on : 06 Jun 2019 10:01
The Witcher 3 Switch Rumours Fueled By Geralt Voice Actor The Witcher 3 Switch Rumours Fueled By Geralt Voice Actor CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Nintendo Switch? A few years ago, when Nintendo’s home console/portable hybrid was first released, most people would’ve dismissed such a concept out of hand. 


It’s not that the Switch isn’t a brilliant machine, it’s that The Witcher 3 is such a ridiculously massive RPG that most of us have assumed there’s just no way that its immense majesty could fit onto Nintendo’s console and still be remotely playable.

I even included it on a recent list of games that will probably never, ever, ever come to Switch. But it’s starting to look like I might have to eat those words, as rumours of The Witcher 3 on Switch are getting more persistent.

A retail listing for The Witcher 3 on Switch was first spotted at the start of the year alongside a port of Assassin’s Creed 3, the latter of which was of course later revealed to be legitimate. In February, a job listing was found on the CD Projekt RED-owned GOG Galaxy which called for a software engineer with experience of multiple platforms – including Nintendo Switch.


As if that wasn’t suspect enough, just last month, multiple listings for the game were discovered on a Chinese retail site that revealed the port would be the “Game of the Year” edition, and include the excellent Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions.

While I continue to tell myself that The Witcher 3 on a handheld device is simply too good to be true, Geralt himself – voice actor Doug Cockle – recently took to Twitter to dump a bucket of petrol on the rumours.

Cockle shared an image of a mockup of the game running on Switch, along with the caption “who wants to see this…. ;)” Note the use of a winky face. A. Winky. Face. The most suspicious of all text-based faces, I’m sure you agree.

While Cockle could just having some fun with us, I’m now starting to think that he might be aware of the existence of The Witcher 3 on Switch and is attempting to tease us. I don’t know why else he’d share something like this so close to E3, with all the rumours of the port currently flying around.

Then again, maybe I’m just desperately reading into something that isn’t there, because I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more than I want to play through The Witcher 3 again on my Switch.

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