The Witcher Series Will Have A Bathtub Scene, But It Might Not Star Geralt

by : Ewan Moore on : 22 Jul 2019 09:41
The Witcher Series Will Have A Bathtub Scene, But It Might Not Star GeraltCD Projekt RED/Netflix

The first trailer for the live-action Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series of novels finally dropped over the weekend during San Diego Comic-Con, and you know what? It looks pretty damn good. 

While the new show, from showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich, will be adapting the novels and not the video game trilogy from CD Projekt RED (which people still seem to have some trouble understanding), there will be at least one reference to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it’s one that should please the thirstier fans out there.


I am of course referring to the famous bath tub scene at the beginning of the third Witcher game, in which we find Geralt of Rivia enjoying a good soak, legs akimbo. This iconic shot quickly went on to become a popular meme, and has even inspired its very own collectible statue.

Speaking at a press roundtable (as reported by Gizmodo), Hissrich was answering an incredibly important question about whether or not we’d see Henry Cavill’s Geralt take a nice long bath. While she confirmed that “there is a bathtub this season”, she declined to confirm who exactly we’ll see in said tub.

So there we go. There will be a bathtub, but it might not be Henry Cavill we see in it. There are plenty of other characters it could be, of course. The possibilities are endless (and a little bit steamy), but there’s also every chance that Hissrich could be playing on our expectations of The Witcher and it’ll instead be a bathtub full of crusty old Nilfgaardian soldiers after a battle.


We know that The Witcher will be an incredibly “adult” show, so I’d imagine that means some nudity – but mostly blood, guts, and heavy themes. The show, which will run for eight hour-long episodes, will air towards the end of 2019, so we’ve not got too long to wait till we find out who takes pride of place in the tub.

In other, non tub-related news regarding The Witcher Netflix series, it was recently reported that the show has already been renewed for another two seasons, as the streaming giant is apparently incredibly happy with what its seen so far.

The second season could even start filming as soon as December this year. Bear in mind that this has yet to be officially confirmed, but you could get an awful lot of bathtubs into three seasons.


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