The World’s ‘First Performance Enhancing Gaming Glove’ Is As Crazy As It Sounds


The Flashe Gaming Glove is the perfect gift for anyone looking to take their game to the next level this Christmas. At least, that’s what the accessory’s creator claims, boasting that it’s the “world’s first performance enhancing gaming glove”. 

So how exactly can this glove improve one’s performance? Great question, you handsome thing, you. In a nutshell, the Flashe is supposed to improve your speed and accuracy with a mouse, as well as helping to prevent the kind of injuries one gets from playing for lengthy periods.

The glove’s teflon-coated underside helps to reduce friction and means that you can “finally become one with your mouse”, which sounds kind of weird, but whatever.

In all seriousness though, people seem to think that this glove could be a real game-changer. Dr Jonathan Noel, for example, claims that it could “very well change the way we think and operate with a computer mouse.”

The glove’s Kickstarter claims:

Never before has something similar to this been presented. Our rotation support will most likely change the way we think and operate with a computer mouse worldwide, not only in gaming, but in general computer usage.

There certainly seems to be a lot of hype around the Flashe Glove. At the time of writing, it’s made £46,235, absolutely smashing its goal of £8,704. The campaign ends on December 28, if you fancy chipping in.

Repetitive strain injuries are a serious problem for pro gamers – or anyone who spends large amounts of time sat in front of a computer using a mouse, of course. Hopefully the Flashe Glove works as advertised and offers a genuine solution to this issue.