There Are Some Wild Theories About Where Ditto Is In Pokemon GO



There are a few Pokemon that we can’t catch yet in Pokemon GO. These are ‘legendaries’ like Mew and Mewtwo for the most part which makes sense.

However, for some reason Ditto – the pink shape-shifting blob, and breeder’s ‘mon of choice – is nowhere to be found.

Obviously the pink one’s absence has been tormenting Pokemon GO players for a while now. Beyond being able to breed with any Pokemon, there is nothing special about Ditto – so where the fuck is it?

Last week, Niantic’s John Hanke set the internet alight when he revealed to San Diego Comic-Con attendants that there were still Easter eggs hidden in Pokemon GO that nobody has found.

Obviously, a vast number of secret hunters decided that Hanke was probably referring to Ditto, under the logic that it can’t be part of a legendary reveal, so it must just be hiding somewhere.

As is the way of the internet, a number of Reddit threads have now appeared, all trying to track down Ditto. One key clue was the Pokemon’s PokeDex description, found through data-mining.

It reads:

Ditto rearranges its cell structure to transform itself into other shapes. However, if it tries to transform itself into something by relying on its memory, this Pokémon manages to get details wrong.

As a result, one player named every one of their Pokemon ‘Ditto’ to see if it would trigger something. It didn’t.

Another player took a real stab in the dark and named Pikachu ‘: )’ in an attempt to mimic that time from the anime when Ditto copied Pikachu.

I don’t think I need to tell you, but that obviously failed too.

The majority of players have just been fucking around with their existing Pokemon, convinced one of them is actually a Ditto in disguise and has been from the beginning. The paranoia has set in, and it’s pretty messed up/

One of my favourite theories so far is that Ditto is actually hiding on Geodude’s butt.

Turning the rock Pokemon around reveals what looks like a sleeping face, and Ditto’s Bulbapedia entry notes that the creature turns into a rock when sleeping. What do you reckon?

A few players believe that Ditto will only appear at a certain time and place, as it is known to do in the main games. I’m not so convinced, but you can read about it more here.

One of the more convincing theories by far is that Ditto is simply region exclusive to a region that the game has yet to launch in.

For example, Mr Mime can only be found in Europe, while Farfetch’d lives in Asia. Perhaps Ditto is simply exclusive to somewhere like South America?

Or maybe Niantic just haven’t released it yet for some reason, and the developer is well and truly fucking with us. Whatever the case, the search for Ditto continues.