These Are All The Crimes The Joker Has Apparently Committed

the-joker-arkham-knightAttack of the Fanboy

Everybody knows The Joker from Batman. We also know the guy’s a bit of a card. But this comprehensive list of his tomfoolery is pretty weird.

Picture the scene. The Joker giggles menacingly over the interrogation table, a wry smile cracking across his sweaty lips. Jim Gordon slams his fists against the dusty table causing everybody to flinch apart from Batman, who stands silently, vigilantly in the corner of the darkened room.

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“What did you do?!” snarls Gordon as his fists tighten against the wood. The Joker’s piercing eyes meet him in an instant. “I improperly labelled meat products.” he says through gritted teeth.

Other than the fabricated picture I made for you there, that’s actually something The Joker has apparently done. The video below has a full list of accusations aimed at the¬†Clown Prince of Crime (via Kotaku).

The audio-log there is a fun optional from Batman: Arkham VR which you can try out on the PSVR. As if anybody needed any more evidence that The Joker was batshit insane anyway. Sorry for the bat-pun.