These Are The Young Players You’ll Want To Sign In FIFA 17 Career Mode


EA has put together a handy list of hidden gems for FIFA 17, showcasing which youth players are going to accelerate through the ratings, and the ones to watch when playing through Career Mode. 

The hidden gems list is compiled of under 21 players with the potential to grow in to the best players on the game in EA’s latest FIFA offering.

While a lot of football fans will likely be familiar with many of the ‘hidden’ gems listed, it’s always good to have a reference if you’re looking to build a killer team.

The top five are Tottenham’s Dele Alli (Potential 90, Growth 10), Ousmane Dembélé from Dortmund (Potential 90, Growth 13), Renato Sanches of Bayern Munich fame (Potential 90, Growth 12), Anthony Martial from Man Utd (Potential 90, Growth 8), and Marco Asensio of Real Madrid (Potential 89, Growth 8).

A little further down the list, EA Sports singles out Ajax’s Václav Černý. While he might not be a household name, they note that the winger has ‘the greatest growth potential of anyone in the list’.

Černý is starting FIFA 17 rated at 69, with the potential to reach 86 overall – it’s always good to keep an eye on prospects.

For the full list of hidden gems, head here and start making your own plans in time for FIFA 17’s September launch.