These Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode Screenshots Are Gorgeous


Battlefield 1 was already looking like a very pretty game, going from what we’ve seen so far, but these new screenshots taken in Spectator Mode are something else entirely. 

I should point out that these are alpha screenshots with the visual settings cranked nice and high, but it’s still proof that DICE’s WWI shooter is more than capable of true graphical greatness.

Just take a look at the impact of different weather effects in the images below – it’s properly beautiful stuff (y’know, in a war-ravaged kind of way).

The screenshots appear to showcase a single map, and were taken by Imgur user Berdu during the EA Play capture event.

Again, you’ll probably require a high-end PC to experience (or an Xbox Scorpio/PS4K) to enjoy such sights in your own game, but it’s clear that DICE’s Frostbite engine isn’t fucking about.

You may have spotted the windmills that have seen better days (they’re kind of hard to miss).

These areas act as bases – and the perfect place to score a few cheeky sneaky headshots, until someone spots you and wrecks you with a trench club.

Considering the rich detail that’s gone in to making such a gorgeous location, it’s a real shame that we’ll be spending most of our time destroying it. But then, war is shit for pretty much that reason.


Battlefield 1 comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21. If you’ve got a hankering for more pretty images, check out this concept art.

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