These Classic SNES Games Are Now Available On New 3DS


During a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, we got the unexpected (but welcome) news that a handful of classic Super Nintendo titles are being made available to buy on the New 3DS eShop.

Bear in mind that these SNES titles will be exclusive to the New 3DS – that’s the newer model with more power under the hood – not the standard 3DS. So, what retro gaming goodness awaits us?

As of last night (March 3) fans could start downloading Pilotwings, F-Zero, and Super Mario World. Later in the month (March 24) the original Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, and cult classic RPG Earthbound will made available.

Finally, on April 14, we’re getting The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong Country 2. 

Each game costs $7.99 (about £5.64) and comes with a Perfect Pixel mode, which will let you see the games in their original resolution. Many of these games are still considered to be among the best in their respective franchises.

Seriously, Super Mario World is still a pretty fucking great game – so it’s definitely worth checking it out this weekend if you’ve got the time (and a New 3DS).