These Graphics Are So Realistic, People Can’t Tell The Difference

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 Jan 2017 10:20
undefinedIan Spriggs

3D artist and modeller Ian Spriggs is a man of serious talent, and he has the body of work to prove it. 


He’s created a series of 3D portraits so detailed, so realistic, that I think most of us would struggle to tell the difference between these and real life at a glance.

Ian Spriggs

Spriggs has been in the industry for over a decade, and has worked on a number of massive movies and TV shows as a character modeller, including Vikings, Batman V Superman, Robocop, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Carrie.

His 3D portraits are particularly outstanding however, such as the one you can see above, and the piece below – a portrait of District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp.

Ian Spriggs

In an interview with CG Society back in October 2016, Spriggs discussed the tools he uses when working:

For all my portraits, I use Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop and rendering with VRay. The difference between my personal work and studio work is that usually in studio work I model in t-pose and I always keep a clean file with everything named correctly so that it is easy for someone else to pick up and understand. My personal work, however, is just for me so I can do whatever I feel like. For example, I start lighting before sculpting, I don’t bother to model if it is not in frame, or create shaders that might only work for single frames. I don’t think there is a correct way of working, but I do think there are two ways of working: as a technician and as an artist. I try to jump back and forth between the two depending on what I need.

Now, because we all know what you’re really here for, I’ll leave you with a few choice images, courtesy of Spriggs.

If you enjoy Spriggs’ work (and why wouldn’t you?) I strongly urge you to check out his portfolio over here.

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