These Leaked Plans Could Be For The Secretive Nintendo NX Console

by : Mark Foster on : 22 Aug 2015 10:09

In a spooky house on top of a dark hill just outside of town, Nintendo have been locked away in a laboratory cooking up ideas for their secret project the Nintendo NX. Could these newly leaked patents be for the Wii U successor?


Eagle-eyed users of gaming forum NeoGaf discovered a home console patent submitted by Nintendo in February which have set alarm bells ringing. While there are no clear signs they are for the Nintendo NX, we know that Nintendo are working on a project and have been keeping their cards close to their chests to avoid rivals stealing any ideas.

Here are the two key points of the patented plan:

-There will be no optical disc drive. This would indicate that all games would need to be completely downloaded. This isn’t a new concept as the Xbox One nearly didn’t include a disc drive, until Microsoft thought better of the idea.


-The controller will have a built-in display. Again, this is nothing new, but would indicate Nintendo loved the idea so much from the Wii U, that they want to carry it forward.

Check out the video below by YouTube channel NintendoNewsNetwork for everything we already think we know about the NX.

Again, these plans should be taken with a pinch of salt as they could be for anything. Judging by the lack of disc space and use of a gamepad with a display, this could easily be plans for a smaller Wii U. It’s also worth noting that even if these were the plans for the Nintendo NX, they were submitted six months ago, and could have completely changed by now.

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