Thieves Steal 11-Year-Old Lad’s Xbox, Police Officers Respond Brilliantly

Facebook/Memphis PD

In a year that looks pretty bleak in hindsight, it’s always comforting to know that there are still good people in the world, doing acts of everyday kindness.

Tontrevion Campbell, 11, was attending church with his mother in Memphis, when some grade-A wankers broke into their house, stole some some of his mum’s jewellery and helped themselves to the lad’s Xbox.

Memphis Police explained what happened on Facebook:

The officers were talking with the child when they realized that he didn’t have a whole lot. The officers knew that this game system (while it was handed down from someone else) was everything to him.

The officers asked the little guy if he was going ask Santa for a new one. His reply to them, “My mom works long hours and several jobs…she uses that money to just pay the bills; I am not gonna even ask.”

Facebook/ Memphis PD

After hearing those heartbreaking words, the police officers decided to take matters into their own hands, and do something kind for the lad when he was in need.

Heading to the local GameStop, the officers clubbed together and purchased a new Xbox for Tontrevion with three games, the cashier at the shop even threw in a second controller for free.


Not wanting to brag about their good deed, the officers went and asked the young lad if this was his Xbox, assuming he would say yes. Instead, he replied “No, sir….mine was older.”

Naturally, Officers Jerry Graves, Antonio Martin, Antwaun Cooper and Justin Bourland gave him the console anyway along with the new games.

Officer Martin told WMC-TV:

Just to be able to alleviate some of their stress, just for that day and actually help the family in this time like Christmas, it really was an overwhelming feeling.

Officer Antwaun Cooper recorded the heartwarming reaction.

Watch the reaction on his face. Priceless, heart warming

Posted by Antwaun Thatruth Cooper on Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sadly, there’s no news on whether the reprehensible cunt(s) who did this have been caught, but the way the officers went above and beyond for this little lad is worthy of so much praise.