This 65-inch Switch Is Every Nintendo Fan’s Dream Come True


The Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console, so beloved by its fanbase for its ability to play games such as Skyrim, Breath of the Wild, DOOM, and all the best and latest indie titles on the go. 

While a 65-inch Switch would be an entirely unpractical beast to try and take on a train, plane, or automobile with you, I have to admire Nintendo fan Suprman9 and his gorgeous custom wooden frame that turns a Flatscreen TV into a giant Switch.

Take a look below. Drink in the glory.


Even beyond the behemoth Switch that takes pride and place in this dude’s basement gaming room, just look at all the other cool Nintendo junk he’s got. Look at all those damn Amiibo.

God I love Amiibo. If anyone at Nintendo happens to be reading this; yes, you can send me all the Amiibo, I don’t mind. Seriously, do it. Please. Gimme.

Anyway, Suprman9 revealed on his blog that he was initially looking at building a giant Game Boy frame (his first console), but the shape of the screen didn’t really lend itself to a modern telly. He then considered the 3DS, but figured the design was a little too fiddly.

Eventually, he arrived at the Switch, explaining:

Finally, the idea of a Nintendo Switch hit me. The Switch was the perfect design because the center console looks like a miniature TV. Also, the Switch is the current console and has had some of my favorite games on it (Super Mario Odyssey & Breath of the Wild).


I’d like to give Suprman9 some genuine props for his work here. The most I’ve ever done to show my love of Nintendo was get my dad to put up a shelf so I could display my Amiibo better, but this guy has really gone above and beyond.

For a more detailed rundown on his process, as well as a better look at some pictures from every step of the journey, head over to his blog.