This Awesome Gadget Can Turn Your Phone Into A Game Boy

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jun 2016 11:51

There were a whole lot of things wrong with the 90’s.


Cheesy boy bands, Furbies, bowl cuts, dial-up internet, the list goes on and on. But one thing that did offer us nineties kids an escape from this grim reality was the Game Boy, an essential part of most of our childhoods.

But now, in 2016, with gaming becoming more advanced then ever, don’t you just long for these simpler times of Super Mario and Pokémon?


Well, get ready to dust off all your old game cartridges, as this amazing new device can turn your smart phone into a Game Boy.


Neowin have revealed Hyperkin’s Smart Boy which basically allows you to slot your phone in and turn it into a fully-fledged Game Boy.

phone-2 (1)phone-2 (1)Neowin

This piece of nostalgic tech fortunately doesn’t ditch the classic tactile buttons for a touchscreen, which will appeal to pretty much all of us who remember pounding those buttons in the backseat of your parents’ car.

Hyperkin teased a working Game Boy on Reddit last year with some concept art, but didn’t unveil the consumer product until this year’s E3.


The device was shown with an Android device, so iPhone users will have to wait and see whether the device is compliant with their phones.

According to Mic, the Smart Boy Developer Kit is selling for $59.99 (£41.78) on the their website and is expected to be released in early December.


Whether it will be coming across the Atlantic to the UK, however, remains to be seen – we can dream though!

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