This Beast Of A Gaming PC Combines A PS4, Xbox One, And Switch

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 Jul 2019 15:04
This Beast Of A Gaming PC Combines A PS4, Xbox One, And SwitchThis Beast Of A Gaming PC Combines A PS4, Xbox One, And SwitchOrigin PC

Few things in life are certain, but you can always be sure that as long as there are stars in the sky, gamers will argue over which platform is the best for playing games. While that argument never had a clear answer before now, I think we’ve finally found the ultimate platform. 


Origin PC, a company who build some gorgeous custom computers made to order, has celebrated its 10th anniversary by unveiling the appropriately-named “Big-O”, an absolute beast of a high-end PC that also has a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch crammed in for good measure.

It’s the perfect platform, because it is every damn platform.

Origin PC

Kevin Wasielewski, Origin PC CEO and co-founder said of the machine:


The amazing games and the incredibly beautiful, ridiculously powerful, and totally custom machines like the Big O keep me just as excited and passionate about gaming PCs today than I was 20 years ago when I started in this industry. We are very proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with the launch of the Big O and to share our passion and creativity with the world.

The PC itself boasts a custom Origin PC Genesis with RGB lighting case, hardline liquid cooling, Intel Core i9-9900K CPU, an Nvidia Titan RTX with 24GB GDDR6, and an awful lot more that in layman’s terms makes it an absolutely decadent monster of a machine.

The built in Xbox One and PlayStation 4 also feature their own liquid cooling, and have each been upgraded with their own 2TB Seagate Barracuda SSD (SATA), making for over 22TB of storage across the entire Big-O.

If you’re currently wondering how many vital organs you’re gonna need to sell on the black market, I have something of a good news/bad news situation for you. The good news is that you won’t have to sell your lovely organs on the black market, but that’s because of the bad news; the Big-O ain’t for sale.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for your wallet), the Big-O is a one-off system that was built as a showcase. You could maybe get in touch with Origin PC to see if they’d build you one, but I can’t begin to comprehend how much it would cost.

I mean, the consoles alone would set you back more than I want to think about, before you even factor in all the high-end parts for the PC itself. Better to simply admire this one from afar, I think.

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