This Concept Art For Fallout 3 Is Absolutely Stunning



Who doesn’t love a good bit of concept art? If you don’t you really need to keep on walking, since this article on Fallout 3 concept art will probably bore you to death.

But for anyone else, take a look at just a small sample of some of the beautiful ideas Bethesda had for their open world epic, courtesy of  on Imgur.

Let’s start with the wasteland, and some of the stranger looking characters that Bethesda intended us to meet on our journeys – both human and inhuman.

Any of ’em look familiar to you?


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A few concept images for Power Armor, and of course, good old Liberty Prime…


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And finally, a few pictures showing off life in the Vault – you know, before people got all murdery and paranoid.

Looks like a nice place to live, all things considered. But compared to a radioactive wasteland I guess most places would look pretty good.

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There are loads more to comb over, so if you’re interest has been piqued, I very much recommend heading over here.