This Custom PC Case Is The Most Battlefield Thing Ever


Of all the custom PC cases to ever have existed (and there have been many), this one might just be the most gloriously Battlefield-inspired thing I’ve ever seen. 

Created by Bill Owen at mnpctech, this build was made specifically for DICE to celebrate the release of their World War I shooter.

The entire wonderful creation is a mix of ideas, with the most obvious being that of recreation of a tank from Battlefield 1 – but there’s more to than that.

Rather than just settle for being a regular old tank, this vehicle is painted in a bright red inspired by Warhammer 40K design, because why the hell not?

The level of detail, care, and craftsmanship that has gone into this is staggering – even the turrets (which are made from machined aluminium) actually swivel and move.

But let’s not forget that it’s actually a PC too! You can check out the specs below, followed by a few ‘making-of’ pictures – if you’re curious.

AMD Battlefield 1 Tank components:

GPU: Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 480 (x2)
CPU: AMD FX-8370 Black Edition
CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H55 Quiet Edition
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FX-Gaming
RAM: Corsair Vengance Pro 16GB DDR3 Black
SSD: Corsair Neutron XTi Series 480GB SATA 6Gbps 2.5”
PSU: Corsair CX750M


You can see loads more pics of this and other projects if you head on over to the Mnpctech website.