This Custom PC Case Is The Most Battlefield Thing Ever

by : Ewan Moore on : 14 Dec 2016 11:03

Of all the custom PC cases to ever have existed (and there have been many), this one might just be the most gloriously Battlefield-inspired thing I’ve ever seen. 


Created by Bill Owen at mnpctech, this build was made specifically for DICE to celebrate the release of their World War I shooter.

The entire wonderful creation is a mix of ideas, with the most obvious being that of recreation of a tank from Battlefield 1 – but there’s more to than that.

Rather than just settle for being a regular old tank, this vehicle is painted in a bright red inspired by Warhammer 40K design, because why the hell not?


The level of detail, care, and craftsmanship that has gone into this is staggering – even the turrets (which are made from machined aluminium) actually swivel and move.

But let’s not forget that it’s actually a PC too! You can check out the specs below, followed by a few ‘making-of’ pictures – if you’re curious.

AMD Battlefield 1 Tank components:

GPU: Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 480 (x2)
CPU: AMD FX-8370 Black Edition
CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H55 Quiet Edition
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FX-Gaming
RAM: Corsair Vengance Pro 16GB DDR3 Black
SSD: Corsair Neutron XTi Series 480GB SATA 6Gbps 2.5”
PSU: Corsair CX750M


You can see loads more pics of this and other projects if you head on over to the Mnpctech website.

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