This Customised Crash Bandicoot PS2 Is A Thing Of Beauty


Crash Bandicoot may be gone from modern consoles, but he’s certainly not left our hearts, as this incredible customised PlayStation 2 will attest. 

As you can see, the console has been decked out to look like the relic of some ancient ruin or other – the type our boy Crash would explore in days of yore.

There’s even a wonderfully put together Aku Aku mask attached to the front, to protect the PS2 from the likes of Cortex. Feast your eyeballs on this visual buffet:

This effort comes from the incredibly talented modder Vadu Amka, who has an amazing range of pimped out retro consoles.

I wholeheartedly recommend checking out his website and having a dig through some of his other work. He only works with damaged consoles, so don’t fret if you think he’s been vandalising perfectly functional retro gems.