This Funky SNES-Style Controller Is Coming To Xbox One And PC


Are you tired of modern, fat controllers? Do you find yourself yearning for days of yore, when controllers were notably skinnier? 

You probably aren’t, because y’know, modern controllers are fine as they are – but on the off-chance that you are, the Hyperkin X91 could well be for you.


This special SNES-inspired controller is available for use on the Xbox One and PC, shrinking down the controller to remind us of a simpler time, while keeping the buttons the same size so as not to completely throw us off our respective games.

As you can see from the images in this article (courtesy of Kotaku and GameSpot), it’s a really weird looking beast – but I can kind of see myself getting down with it.

The controller doesn’t seem to be available in the UK (at least as far as I can see) but it’ll set you back around $30 if you’re looking to just grab one from across the pond.

I can see it being cool to use with retro style games like Shovel Knight, but I really can’t imagine settling down for an in-depth Skyrim session with a controller like this.

If nothing else, it’s pretty cool that all these years after the SNES, there are still companies keen to emulate some of that console’s design in some shape or form.