This Game Will Teach You How To Build Your Own PC

by : Ewan Moore on : 16 Mar 2017 09:24

Have you ever wanted to build a gaming PC, but were too scared by the prospect of buying the right components and the idea that you could have wasted hundreds of pounds if you do even one thing wrong? 


Of course there are services out there on the internet that will pre-build a rig for you, but if you want the rush of having built a PC from scratch with zero of the financial responsibility, then PC Building Simulator is for you.

PC Building Simulator does exactly what it says it’s going to do, in that it offers a simulation of the PC building experience. You can download it here, if you fancy it.

In the spirit of all good simulation games, this latest one is a genuinely realistic take on putting together your own rig, and could actually be a good start point for gamers who want a gaming PC but have no idea what they’re doing.


I’m not saying you’ll become a pro PC builder after a few hours with this game, but you’ll get a good grasp on how to screw in motherboard standoffs and manually connect MOLEX cables.

The game is still in a pre-alpha state, so expect plenty more features – such as a career mode – to make their way in eventually.

For now though, it’s a genuinely handy way to pick up a few vital pointers if you’re after building a PC out here in the real world.

Ewan Moore

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