This GTA Online Hack Is Both Bizarre And Super Creepy


Hacking can be a real dick move, especially when it ruins someone else’s game. Hacking can also be fucking bizarre when it happens to you.

Nick Breckon, one of the hosts of gaming podcast Idle Thumbs and a scriptwriter for Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two, had his GTA Online game hacked in the most ingenious, but very creepy way.

Loading the game, he noticed he had a ton more cash than he did last time he played. No biggie; bugs happen and money is great. He then noticed he had every weapon in the game with near infinite ammo. Alright! Party time.

Not party time. Fever dream time.

After dying and reloading the game, Nick now had a very strange character attached to his back. He was piggybacking a green-haired clone of himself, who was gently stroking his head. Creepy.

More and more of the clones began to appear as Breckon freaked out and tried to escape them, but to no avail. It really needs to be seen to be believed, and luckily, Nick has retold the story on the Idle Thumbs podcast along with footage of the bizarre event.

Rockstar have been struggling with hacking in GTA Online recently, and hopefully it’s something they can get a leash on, especially if the hacks are as weird as this one.